Free Show at the Savannah Jazz Festival

Savannah has been and remains home to some of the greatest female jazz vocalists including our Hall Fame members, Huxsie Scott and Irene Reid. Joining the Savannah Jazz Orchestra big band this year are three Divas of Savannah.

Priscilla Albergottie Williams has been showcased internationally in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart, Germany as well as a plethora of performances in the United States. Cynthia Utterbach a native of New Jersey, has performed all over the world starting in Europe to perform in the musical production “The Buddy Holly Story” in Hamburg and has since performed throughout Europe as a jazz vocalist at festivals and clubs. Cynthia cites as her main inspiration Sarah Vaughan, and certainly she has a comparable warm sonority in the low register. Stephanie Nakasian, listed in the Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz as one of the world’s leading jazz singers, toured extensively with the jazz master and her mentor Jon Hendricks. Often compared to jazz greats, it’s Stephanie’s clean and clear tones that have given rise to her polarity while her ability to perform the standards transports listeners to another place in time.