Power Women of the 60s & 70s

House Party, Location provided upon reservation, Charlottesville VA

Stephanie will perform songs by some of the most powerful women of the 60s and 70s...Joni, Barbara, Bette, Grace, Carly and many more! Featuring Dwight Spencer/Guitar & Karl Kimmel/Bass.

6-6:45 p.m. - Potluck - Bring A Dish. 7-8:45 p.m. - Concert

Suggested donation $15-$20 per person

RSVP Required. Email : Phone: day of concert 434-466-8110. Other days leave a message.

When you make your reservation explain how many are in your party and whether you are also coming for the potluck.

ABOUT THE HOUSE CONCERT The concert is hosted in the home of a music patron on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. If you are coming for the pot luck, know that there are usually 20-30 people attending as you prepare your dish to share. If you want to bring a bottle of wine to share, in addition to your dish, that's fine. You can eat outside on the deck or inside with the A/C and listen to two sets of great music in an intimate setting where the volume is never loud. It's always a fun evening and everyone is really friendly. A great place to run into old friends, make new ones and listen to great music. There is no better way to spend an evening. All money collected goes to the musicians. So, if you can give a little more than the suggested donations the artists will greatly appreciate it.