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Why this book works: Often we singers get in our own way by thinking too much, trying too hard and by making things too complicated.

This method works for all styles of music - pop, theater, jazz, rock, R&B, gospel and classical. This book simplifies the approach to naturally open and powerful singing and, through the process of letting go, you, the singer - will discover much of what you want from your voice:

• More naturally powerful, consistent, open, beautiful sound and tone • Improved/extended range • Improved pitch accuracy • More breath at your command and more efficient use of breath • Improved ability to transition through break areas with less effort and without loss of tone • More flexibility with which to do more with your voice • More freedom and confidence for free expression through your singing • Exercises which you can directly apply to your songs and to specific problem areas

Packed full of productive and easy exercises, visualizations, cartoons and illustrations to help simplify the thought process and therefore the singer’s approach to technique. This book has helped hundreds, even thousands of students! Humor, Simplicity, Results!

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