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    Breathing Room: Stories of Personal Transformation from Voice Lessons

    A vocal teacher for over 20 years, Stephanie Nakasian has witnessed powerful transformations in many of her students' personal lives as a result of the act of learning to sing. 

    "Breathing Room" is a collection of 50 of these short stories, delightful and inspiring and full of colorful and humorous cartoon-like illustrations.

    From stories of students overcoming past 'ghosts' of people telling them they could not sing, to issues with control and mechanical thinking that interfered with claiming their personal freedom of expression, "Breathing Room" covers a variety of topics illustrating how learning to sing can invoke profound life changes.

    Read how Stephanie's students found their real voice as they tackled, leaving home for the first time, choosing their right range, unlearning pop and choir dictates to connect with their naturally organic individual sound, getting through divorce, alcoholism, anorexia and so much more.

    Stephanie Nakasian's "Breathing Room" is for everyone – singers and listeners alike!

    CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW and receive a signed copy from Stephanie! 

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