Stephanie's Singer/Musician Series

The most interesting aspect of focusing on a specific singer or musician is in discovering details about their personalities, lives and how the music was born as a result of their life events.

An expert storyteller, Stephanie has developed shows that feature singers, highlighting the influence one had on another as well as the lineage and influence of their singing styles through theater, film, bands, and live performances in clubs, concerts and festivals.

Stephanie has an innate ability to put their music a historical context to help the listener more fully hear and appreciate the songs, the singers, and their relationship to each other and in broader context, their contributions to the world of music. 

Often these shows are available with a Power Point presentation which enhances the performance and story being told in an effort to draw the audience into the singers' persona and make the performance come alive with meaning and relevance.

Click each show's title for a brief description:

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