Bop to Bach

When Stephanie began teaching jazz singing in the University setting, she was curious about the similarities and differences between singing jazz and classical music.  She researched, experimented and found that the closest link was between the Baroque style of classical music and Bebop Jazz – both very linear and improvisational in flavor. 


She held a concert at her first teaching post – VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond).  It was a big hit and featured her singing with a local trombonist. They did the Bach 'Double Concerto' in which Stephanie, who once played violin, scatted it this time... once in strict 8th note,classical style, once swinging it in jazz rhythm and then improvising on it while trading back and forth with the horn. 


She did this concert again in Charlottesville for the Bach Society – and jazzed up a few more 'classical standards'.


Bach would have loved it, we think!  The audience sure did.

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