Children’s Concert

For over 20 years, Stephanie's concerts and workshops have often been supported by grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, allowing her to present many program in the schools. 

These programs vary from an 'assembly' type 45-50 minute show to a workshop in the classroom with the kids participating.  Over the years, Stephanie has collected a wonderful series of songs which are 'child appropriate' and which the kids love.

Stephanie's daughter, Veronica Swift (now 26 and quite famous in the jazz world), recorded and toured with family since she was 9 years old – so Stephanie has some gems from her collection.Sometimes she will have a few of the kids join her on the stage and demonstrate the call-and-response nature of improvisation and jazz.  The kids love it!  (There's always a ham or two in the crowd.)

As well, she has done residencies for schools and teacher workshops and many chorus/choir workshops as well – coaching in jazz and swing and syncopation and improvisation.  Her book “It's not on the page” was born out of these experiences where teachers and students wanted guidance about jazz phrasing.

*These shows can be performed with children on stage.

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