Irving Berlin: "Blue Skies"

Irving Berlin was another great child of the early 20th century in New York City – a city of immigrants and shared cultures and Berlin was quick to learn from his theatrical mentor Jerome Kern as well as from the African-American sounds and rhythms of the city, while carrying with him his eastern European Jewish traditions and harmonic influences.  The result is a wonderful collection of songs in which you can hear this great blend of cultures.  He also had heartache in his life which he wrote into his stories – like “What'll I do?” and “The Song is Ended”.  His American Classics like “God bless America” and “Alexander's Ragtime Band” are his tributes to this great country he was so grateful to live and write in.  We also love his movie songs likes “Easter Parade”, “Heat Wave”, “Putting on the Ritz”, “Cheek to Cheek” and “Blue Skies”.  There are so many great ones.  This show also tells Berlin's story and traces the shows and films where he found a place for his creative talents.  

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