Jazz in the Church

For many years Stephanie has been asked to bring her style of jazz into the church setting. 


Brought up a Presbyterian – normally jazz was not represented in the choir offerings.  But, times have changed.  Stephanie is careful to respect the church and its sacred setting while offering songs which pay homage to the “Creator” and source of her inspiration.  She has performed these shows (sometimes with the minister singing along with her) in Worcester, MA, Nantucket, Long Island, and Staunton and Charlottesville, VA.


One minister found passages in the Bible referencing the nature of improvising in life – and Stephanie demonstrated some improv on songs like “Blue Skies” and “Count your blessings” and others.  She also utilizes the great songs presented by Duke Ellington in his sacred concerts.


As Jon Hendricks once told her - “it's not that different – in Church we call her 'sister' – outside the Church we call her 'baby'.”

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